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Old Ottawa South

The homeowner needed this home to be more energy efficient and have a larger living space to accommodate the needs of their family. It was important for them to preserve the heritage, energy and beauty of the original house when adding new elements. They chose not to do an infill project for this reason. The homeowner understood the sustainability of an existing house. One goal of the renovation was to minimize the impact on the environment.

The main living space was very compartmentalized. Opening up the main living space required walls to come down. White painted walls, natural wood and grey decorating tones add to the calming effect of this space.

The addition added extra square footage and allowed the use of sunlight to enhance the living experience. Skylights and strategically placed new windows allow natural light to fill the space. A round wall on the second floor, painted gorgeous red makes a statement and symbolizes the joining of the old and new.

Great care was taken to minimize changes to the streetscape in the community. The original external structure was not modified except for replacing the front porch. All the original openings (windows and door) remain.

Old Ottawa South